Sunday, June 28, 2015

Resolution (SUMMER '15 #4)

Okay. Class is done, I have no more excuses! This week I finally get to start my 3D class and paint the billion sketches I have lying around and start finishing my summer goals.

This week my buddy Thomas posted some more stuff he did based on old sketches of mine and they're really cool! You can see them here and here.

As for me? I had to finish my sketchbook for figure drawing and take care of finals. As soon as they're graded and returned to me, I'll upload some of my figure studies and other junk. I don't have any painted or finished work this week, BUT THAT SHOULD CHANGE!

Here's what I've done since I saw you last.

Taking Thomas' idea, I redid an image I drew awhile ago. The first image on the blog! You can see the original here for comparison.

All that techno looking stuff around his mouth was inspired by the suits in Starship Troopers, by Heinlein. The book talks about how the soldiers have a huge array of buttons and switches in their helmet they activate by shrugging their facial features and moving their tongue and stuff, probably because their big meaty combat suit hands were holding tons of weapons.

Next I've got a collection of dudes. 

Next, some swordsmen. The guy on  the left has optical cameras on his suit. They constantly have lasers coming out to aid in target acquisition. When one of the beams is tripped by a foreign object, the suit relays information into the wearer's HUD and nervous systems and he can react instantly, slicing at the point as provided by mathematical algorithm. There are corresponding optical devices on the back. This way, he can't be caught by surprised from behind, and can just chop when his suit tells him. The guy on the right has a similar thing in his shoulder pads.

A Pyromancer.

Here's a warrior guy. I'm really excited about this one, and am adding to the list of things I MUST paint ASAP.

I'm pleased with this one, because it looks kinda Hanna-esque. This is another one I'm excited to color because it's pretty simple looking overall.

This is another wizard guy with a flamberge and a few, poorly detailed knives around his waist.

The rest of these are kinda whatever.

So yeah. No colored or finished work this time. I'm doing poorly on that goal! BUT- School is over, I have free time again, and I'm almost done with the 2nd sketchbook. So all is not lost! Look for me sometime this week, I should have something nice to show you. 

Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Why Bother? (SUMMER '15 #3)

Firstly- I made some changes to how the blog looks, and implemented an infinite scroll function. I've had some issues and so I made any link open in a new tab. It's horrendous web design but I'm still trying to work out how to keep the scroll without breaking stuff. If you have any problems or hate it or love it please let me know!

So, because I gave you those more finished pieces the last couple updates, I became terribly behind on my homework for class. I didn't really realize how much work the class was til I drew it all out and realized I was doomed if I maintained the pace I was working. All I do after work is draw for Figure Drawing til I go to bed. I'm going to make it, but barely. Class ends on the 26th, and after that I should have more colored stuff. In the meantime you just get the sketchbook stuff I do in transit and sitting waiting for class to start. 

I have every intention to demolish my goals (I have a folder full of sketches waiting to be painted and my 55 hour 3D Zbrush/Maya course waiting be initalized), but this class is far more difficult than anticipated. On the plus side, I am getting close to finishing my second sketchbook goal. Nice!

I like the guy on the upper right of this. He's like the Ghost of the Soviet Union or something.

The thing that bothers me about the guy in the bottom right is that his magic, broken sword couldn't possibly fit in the sheath.  Hrrm.

This lady! I've been seeing her on the bus more and more frequently. She lives at an old folks home several bus stops away. Anyway, When I drew this sketch she was just chatting like crazy at the bus driver. Midway through the trip she swapped her plain glasses for ones with star rims. Right before she wheeled off, she said, "See ya tomorrow, darlin!" to the bus driver. I like riding the bus. I like how much personality and story is crammed into one space. So many interesting people.

When I was drawing the guy in the upper right Kaitlin was like, "He looks like a science teacher!" I said, "Science? More like DIE-ence!" He'd be a rad villain. In case there are any questions, the guy in the bottom right has a giant scythe as a weapon. We're looking at his back (he's looking away from us).

The elvish warrior guy on the right falls squarely into the "Want to finish this but don't have time" folder. Also, the guy in the bottom right is a perfect example of why I should use reference. The drapery is simply embarrassing.

Again, bottom left? Drapery? It's like I'm not even trying. Terrible. But I think the idea is cool, stupid cloth notwithstanding.

This guy has a long sword. That is all.

So yes... I'm having a hard time keeping up with my goals, but that should change in two weeks when my class ends. Until then, I'll keep drawing when I can! And next time I should also have some figure drawings to show you.