Saturday, November 30, 2013

I have returned.

Say it like this:

So yeah. Here we go. Back again. Hit the ground running. I drew something else tonight... But I forgot to do an actual scan. I only did the preview scan! Argh!
Here's a quick evening monster sketch.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I lied. Here's a post!

So I lied... I'm going to do a post with stuff I did yesterday and today.
I took pictures with a camera I found at my parent's house, and it's hard to type because I sliced the tip of my left hand pointer finger off while I was peeling potatoes. It's dumb! 

My project over the weekend was starting a Pinterest. I guess it's the thing to do. I'm just constantly enraged by it. But starting today I'm posting stuff there I'm not posting here, so if you're into the garbage I'm sketching feel free to follow and pin or however that stuff happens. If you hate what I draw there's some cool stuff I pinned. I think. So check it out.

Less talk, more art, yeah?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

So, I'm a lazy cow, and the upcoming week will be no different!

It's been busy. Kind of. Thanksgiving vacation is incoming, and I'm going home but NOT bringing my scanner! So I'll be drawing but I won't be uploading! But maybe I'll be back with lots of fun things to share ;). Maybe not! Ha. But here you go:

First up are some dudes having a conversation, a walking guy, a beetle guy and a helmet guy.

Next I was looking at lighting.
EDIT: It's 7:33 AM on the 25th. I forgot to point out that the guy on the left has two pairs of eyebrows. I don't know why.

Next, a guy dusting himself off and a jumping guy:

And some stuff from a couple days ago I forgot to upload. Just practicing perspective. Ugh. I want to get it!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New sketchbook.

I have no excuse for my lame behavior. I need to do something new.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I finished my sketchbook.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I filled a few pages in my sketchbook but it was mostly poop. I've become kind of lazy lately. I started this sketchbook on like August 23rd or something. ALMOST 3 MONTHS! Then again, it had 150 pages and I'm sure some of my issues were psychological because 50 more pages is awfully daunting and stuff. I draw all the time but I need to push myself. I need to mix things up regularly or I stagnate quickly. Here's what I did today. I'll also upload a couple things from yesterday, but they're not so great and I'm not happy about how they turned out. I'm also tinkering with how I add tones to things. Sometimes it's hard to see. Yep. I just need to jump in, do hard things, and not be scared to fail horribly. Also, the blue pencil is invisible to Photoshoppe's eyeballs and is no good for making selections.

OFF THE OLD DRAWING BOARD [after my daily episode of FLCL!]

These next couple are from yesterday. Bleh.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

BONUS: Making some changes to it.

 Did some more work on this, planning on doing more!



I Went for a Walk

It's cold today. I had been sitting on the couch taking care of business (watching FLCL again!) this morning and I looked outside and it was my favorite weather: Grey Puke. There's water all over the ground and the clouds are low to the base of the mountains. It's grey and miserable and I love it. Anyway, I grabbed my sketchbook and a jacket and wandered down the street. When I found things I liked I stopped and spent a few minutes. I stopped by the library and downtown. There's a couple other things I need to do, but I promised myself I would just do the one page. That will have to wait until next time. It was nice to get outside. Ha! 

Also, Sleep Awake, by Soulcrate Music.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

M*cklemore's hair, A SPACEMAN, "But sir!", 3RD EYE

 Don't know anything about the dude but his hair is whack! Is that good or bad? I think it's bad. But it's fun to draw.

I'm really unsure of what's happening here... What do you think?

Nice necklace?

It's time to buckle down and hit the tutorials hard again. I'm getting lazy and doing doodles. Hopefully I've improved slightly, but I want MORE. So yeah, I think I'm gonna do some more perspective stuff. It would be rad to put characters into environments, maybe finish something? Yeah, I know.

EDIT: It's 7:28 on Friday morning. I was looking at yesterday's post (this one) and I noticed that the floating fiery eye in the "3RD EYE" picture has a remarkable resemblance to some of the first few pages of Jake Wyatt's Necropolis. It wasn't my intention to have it look so similar but since I did see some of those pages months ago it's possible my brain was stealing them. I was shooting for something more Mignola-esque, honestly

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I need to finish something. I've said that before.

I mean, sketching is fine, but I'd like to have a portfolio someday... Today, actually. Somebody send me my portfolio full of awesome stuff that I drew? Oh... Tragedy.
Also, my sister pointed out that the caption reading "SH**!!" is really just someone shushing someone. So uncensored would be "SHHH!!" So have no fear.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Today is Monday

I went to study with some friends but instead I drew all the people and then I drew a cool guy doing a cool pose. I think he's cool.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Where have I been?", Belated Halloween, etc.

Yesterday and Friday were busy days and I didn't really have time to sit down and draw. As I typed those words, I was asking myself, "So what? What's your point? Bring a sketchbook, that's what it's for!" So I'm sorry, my guilty conscience speaketh. But I'll carry something all the time from now on. No excuses. Improvement demands one hundred percent. Awright. Got some stuff I'm proud of today... Trying to go off of what I remembered about people's faces.

What's impressive about this is how huge I drew this. I wasn't scared [I was] but it turned out pretty nice! 

AND THIS. Disclaimer: I don't own the following, I'm just uploading it for the readers!
You guys, I work at a library and I saw this book a few weeks before Halloween. It looked like it was straight out of a thousand years ago. Now books like this aren't on hold. The info in stuff like this is outdated and poorly presented. But I was like, "I'm taking this home and scanning it in to show everyone" and I checked the book in and by some insane twist of evil IT WAS ON HOLD!!! I put it on hold for myself so the minute it was checked in I could grab it and show you all. BUT HERE'S THE HALLOWEEN THING THAT HAPPENED: When it came back like a month and a half later (I was enraged, "How could you have that book so long!?") I checked the status and stuff... It was checked OUT on the 5th of November, and RETURNED on the 5th of November! What!? How!? Why!?!?!? Anyway, look at it!!!