Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Moving On (BONUS)

I really am coloring something. My wife is helping me pick colors for all the dapper threads the character is wearing. It's just kinda time consuming. BUT!
Here's some sketches from the week so far. Maybe I'll have something colored by Sunday?
I also have my Summer Goals set up, I'll probably fill y'all in on those Sunday as well.

I tried to be a little more detailed and thought out this week.

First up I've got a nude freakish guy, a guy with dumb hair but a cool knife, a floating head, and a lovable brute.

Then I've got a guy wearing a battle exoskeleton with a spike he uses for combat, a guy with a fish chainsaw sword, a robot with a floating head, a guy with a pointy hat and a stack of faces.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I May Have Fibbed

Yeah, no color here today. I would spend some time trying to map out some basic color stuff but I have other school related art projects due this week. It's the last week of school, the following week is Finals Week, then Summer school starts! Joy. Actually it won't be so bad, I'm just taking one figure drawing class for the first half of the Summer. That should be fun. And then I have some goals I'm still trying to put together so I can be productive. In the last few weeks I've felt that old fire kindling again, a sickening desire to improve. Which is  nice because I really need to finish something! I haven't posted a finished(ish) painting for months now... But I think it's improvement that only two people here are facing to the right. One is also facing left. That's great news!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Let's Warthog it Up!" - MIDWEEK MADNESS (Bonus)

Surprise! It's me, here on a Wednesday. Today's title comes from my wife Kaitlin. She told me yesterday that I woke her up because I said "Let's warthog it up!" in my sleep. I'm not sure what it means, but I thought it was a silly thing to say.

So yeah, a midweek post. This was a way of getting me to color something in. I figure that I won't have time to do any more good sketches this week, so I'll have to work with what I have and paint a couple of these guys so you can see them Sunday.

It's almost Finals Week, and things are as they always are during that time.
Horrible! ZING.

One last thing? The guy in the upper left hand corner of this top image is one I'd like to model in 3D sometime this Summer. I have a lotta things I want to do and that's one of them.
Okay, I'm brushing my teeth and going to bed. Have a good rest of the week (and why do almost all of characters want to face to the right!?)!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Feet Dragger

I'm still planning my fantastic Summer, and even managed to get some artwork done this week despite some major setbacks (text warning: vomit everywhere/tmi, but Kaitlin describes it pretty well). School is very much cramping my style right now and I'm glad the only class I'm taking over the Summer break is figure drawing. Here's what I got for ya. Still want to color stuff, but because I took a sick day I'm behind on everything and didn't have time to color these guys in.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

I Was Thinking (Has This Been a Title Before?)

I'm coming up with some clever Summer goals and I think you'll be pleased with me!
I was going to color these but it's Easter and I have stuff to do! Maybe I'll get around to it?
AH! You think I'm a liar, do you? Well here's the thing: I did color (sort of) some things from last week:

Maybe I'll actually finish coloring these in and turn them into finished pieces? LOL

I've been really struggling in my head drawing class for the last couple weeks. It felt like I was unable to see things right and get them down on paper correctly. But this week I did a couple drawings I didn't despise:

Also, some sketches I didn't hate from this week:

And then for one class we went to the museum and drew some animals. I did hate some of these, but for variety's sake they're in here:

Also, this week: SHUFFLE MADNESS! I like when improbable things happen as I shuffle through all the songs on my mp3 player. I heard Stains of Time from Metal Gear Rising and then the instrumental version, one right after the other? What are the odds of that?!!? Very slim, my friends. Very slim. Metal Gear Rising has a completely silly soundtrack, but the game succeeds perfectly at what it's trying to do (i.e. be silly). I was reading somewhere and the writer was joking about how the game's mechanics let you chop a guy's head in half after chopping it off. It's preposterous.