Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sketchbook Dregs

We've almost got the summer's second block scheduling woes squared away, which I thought would be nice, but it's turned out to be the least of my worries.

The figure drawing class has been a frightening nightmare. We had an assignment due this week and I spent 8-10 hours struggling to complete it on time. Because of this I had no choice but to get behind on sketchbook. I spent most of my day yesterday and a few hours this morning catching up! It's nice to finally be where I should, but I'm concerned the next assignment will throw a wrench into things again. 

Here's the last of the sketchbook I was talking about last time. This new sketchbook is off to a rough start, which I'm actually okay with because I had a really nice couple weeks. I'll get it back.

When I get a spare second I work on UV's for the 3D guy. It's super slow going since my time is all being funneled into figure drawing, but hopefully now I'm caught up I can spend a little more time getting through this and getting to the fun part (texture painting).

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It's Me Again (SMALL UPDATE)

Well, I figured out my class schedule... Kinda. I'll be doing independent study with a couple teachers during the second block to meet the credit requirements since the blessed 3D portfolio class didn't carry. Even if it had carried I couldn't take it anyway because figure drawing is at the same time. Scheduling woes, scheduling woes.

Today is just a sketchbook dump, since I'll be finishing my sketchbook today. There's only a few pages left, I'll have taken exactly a month to finish it! I haven't worked on my 3D guy for days and days. I'm almost done UV mapping, but Perry's figure drawing class has been a nightmare. I should be working on stuff for his class right this moment, but I needed to do a quick blog post. I aim to have the 3D character UV mapped by the next time I post. I need to find a sliver of time to take care of the rest of that.

Also, all this stuff is drawn only in pen. That's weird.

The explosion in this came from a Google search. I used reference! But only on something as inconsequential as an explosion.

Okay, I need to do my homework now. Bye.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Hello! I'm starting summer school tomorrow! I think. I need 19 credits to graduate this December and I've ever so carefully built a schedule that meets that demand. Unfortunately, one of these essential classes didn't carry, so I'm 3 credits short. The art department isn't offering anything I can take, the much anticipated Zbrush/portfolio building class has a time conflict with figure drawing, and I appear to be locked out from digital media's upper division. I'm going in tomorrow to knock heads together and make them fix it. I'll be quite put out if I have to stay an extra semester to take a single class. Oh me oh my.

I was talking to my friend Samuel and he suggested I post what I had so far from my current 3D project. It should look familiar to those who saw what I posted last time...

This is a 1 hour study from a girl I found on Mel Milton's Pinterest page.

Sketchbook has felt weak to me the last couple weeks, but here's some scribbles I didn't loathe:

Hoping to have the rest of my seams drawn up and uv's mapped on the 3D guy next time I post. It would be ideal to have textures in, too, but I'm not gonna get too greedy!

Have a nice week. 

Oh, I haven't mentioned my goals for this summer yet. 

...Because I don't have any yet!