Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today I was gonna print out an assignment that's due for class tomorrow, so I went to this local printy place. While I was waiting my antiquated phone called 911 of its own accord. It does this all the time. I normally catch it before it has a chance to connect, but today I was too slow. I hung up, and promptly received a call back from a worried lady trying to see if I was all right. I was like, "Yeah, my phone is dumb sry sry sry".
It was embarrassing. But this is the price poor students must pay.

Maximum the Hormone finally came out with a new CD and it's awesome, was listening to it while I was doodlin'. 
It makes me lol!
If the link is down, search Utsukushikihitobitonouta, that's what I was trying to show you. 

On to the artwork(?)

 The deal with the dude in the upper right hand corner is that I don't care anymore.

Yeah, I was a naughty boy this month and didn't upload something every day. I'll try to be better! Since starting this blog I've certainly been better about drawing every day, which really is the goal. Just knowing people will come look at my stuff makes me work harder.
Thanks to everyone still coming here, especially my Russian friends! You guys frequently beat my number of viewers from the United States! 

Okay, I'm going to bed.

Messy sketch

More tonight?

Monday, July 29, 2013


Yeah, apparently college needs my high school transcript? You guys didn't get that when I first applied? Boggles the mind. 
So yeah, I got my transcript and went down to school to drop it off. I stood in line for 20 minutes expecting that I'd need to sit down with someone to talk about it. It turns out the lady could take it right there. Bummer! 
Then I stayed there and drew a chair and some pipes over and over again for an hour and a half. 

Attempt one on the chair and some pipes:

Final attempt at the chair:


Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's Sunday evening.

Aw yeah!
It was a good day today. The sun was not as present as it typically is. Good riddance! Destroy it!

After drawing this, I realize I may have been unconsciously channeling Ashley Wood's (Caution, sometimes NSFW) stuff... Respect to Mr. Wood.

And this one I started painting on the line layer. It was a fiasco, but too late to go back and start over, so I just gave up. whatever


I'm only wearing shoes!

I actually had a couple other things but I had similar issues with my paint/lines. So ha! I'll post 'em later.

Friday, July 26, 2013

I've been in a slump lately...

Nothing I've been working on has been fit to upload. It's just lame.
Today has been alright:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Today is Batman Fan Art Day

...In my mind!


His pose is wretched here. This is the price I pay for doing everything out of my head without reference!

Also, if you shorten "Fan Art" into a bizarre pseudo-contraction it becomes "Fart"! 

Friday, July 19, 2013


Here's some stuff I've been dewdlin' on the last few week(s[?]). I don't know for sure. I only use this one while I'm at work so I don't have to lug around my larger sketchbook. So here. I just threw some colourz on there to make it pretty or whatevah. It would appear that some is nothing more than scribbles. I'm tired. I went running today. My legs hurt. So do my eyeballs. I need to close them. So in chronological order (jk), here you go: MIND DUMP

Now the dude in this one is obviously not nude, I guess I'm just immature and think "Nude" is a funny thing to say.

The Steam Summer Sale was happening apparently. It's on my mind. But I only spent 12 dollars this year because I'm poor as heck.

This next one has a guy with a mohawk

I added a face and "@#*$". That guy appears to be singing the Rage Against the Machine cover of Cypress Hill's How I Could Just Kill a Man. What a freak

This guy has a shiny shotgun. For some reason, I bothered to white out the space around his finger in the trigger guard, which is weird, because the color job on the lil' devil is as nice as poop

Cool. I'm outta here. Have a great Friday night or whatever you have wherever you are in the world

What happened yesterday?!

Yeah, yesterday I fell apart. 
UVU's Illustration Club wasn't meeting due to an earlier meeting during the week (right?) so I had the evening free after work to do some art. 
It didn't happen that way.
I just played stupid video games and wasted time in general.

Here's something I'm tinkering with:

Just looking at light and shadow and trying to figure it from my head.
As part of this I'll be working more on that monster head from a few days ago.

This next one is some garbage I had lying around.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bus 7/17/14, It's a Hat, Others

I'm tired and hungry. I've been so busy today. Here's my finished thingamajig:

I finished  Eyeshield 21 again today. Top 10 favorite comics, maybe top 5. It's such a good coming of age story. I love it so much because in high school I really identified with each of the protagonists- I was all of them as I struggled to make sense of who I was. Yeah, it sounds cheesy but whatever. I'm seriously about to pass out from lack of food. I just haven't had time to properly nourish my body outside of massive breakfast.


And this. I'm so proud of this. Why does my brain do things like this!?

And the rest is just mind dump.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bus 7/16/13

Today is my busy day. I'm exhausted and wish I were asleep. But I love art so much that I MUST POST despite my weakness. Here's what I drew on the bus today. And as a side note, the bus is a bumpy ride and leads to some crazy bumpy line work. Yeah.

Monday, July 15, 2013

School, Bus 7/15/2013

What's up?
Weekends end up pretty busy. I don't have tons o' free time to draw because I'm working on schoolwork in Adobe Illustrator. We're turning an image into an Illustrator-esque thingamajig. Here's what I have so far:
Illustrator a few hours deep

School is rad but I want teachers to force me to draw and push me. I seem to struggle on my own.
Here's the rest from today:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bus 7/10/2013

Bus. Today, someone wanted off the bus and the driver goes to drop em at the stop and some fool is parked in the aisle just hanging out in the spot that says "BUS PARKING ONLY" and the driver just laid on his horn for like 10 seconds and just kept honking. The guy finally moved and the driver pulled forward. But in front of the first clown was another, so the driver honked some more. It was aces.

I'm in the mood to update ye olde blogg. I found out today the print lab at school prints stickers at a pittance.   So I'm gonna try some things. Hang tight 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bus 7/9/13

Just enough time to post what I drew on the bus today.
I know, someday I'll finish something. But today I work all day. Gotta pay for school :(

Monday, July 8, 2013

School is busy, and my eye hurts

So that's why there are no updates and stuff.
But here's what I've been working on for class!
We were supposed to put together a font and I'm not especially creative so I just used a marker and wrote letters, then used the pen tool in illustrator to get 'em in there.

And since I'm waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too lazy to figure out how to make all of your image viewers view stuff good, here's a close up of "F" (because I'm most proud of how it turned out ;))


Oh yeah, I listened to a whole lot of Baroness while I drew this. I didn't find their new double album to be amazing, but if I were a country, this would be my national anthem. And for those who click my music links and are offended by all the yelling and screaming, this is instrumental. So yeah, there's no yelling and screaming unless it's coming out of your mouth because you also want this to be your national anthem and you're making up lyrics and yelling and screaming them. 

I may or may not have done this while drawing.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Have this lying around, take a look, I'm outta here, 4th of Joo-ly, fools!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fishay Fishay

I have to go but I puked color on this and now I share it with you