Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NOT TO 50!!!

Because it's my fiftieth post, dig?
I'll type this line in an exotic font.
So yeah, here's some stuff I drew today.

And this guy. I like it, maybe I'll flesh it out someday when I have the skills to give him what he deserves. 

A lot of what I'm doing now is architectural because of the perspective I'm trying to learn. But I don't typically upload a lot of that stuff because it looks silly.
Oh, why not. But only because I love you.

P.S. I know the image at the top is hideous, I'll be fixing it soon. Forgive me.


  1. NOT TO 50!!!

    1. I knew YOU'D like it, Emma! Since nobody else even reads this!

  2. I laughed too! Uh uh uh uhhhhhh :(