Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boring Post: Summer Goals

I finished my finals today, so now I'm considering what to do with my Summer. Outside of class. And work. Ha! I don't really have much of a Summer break. But I don't want to fall apart and do nothing for the next few months, I want to be motivated on my own.
So, here are my goals for the Summer:

1. Work through art books
a. How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way (in case you're wondering why on this one, a friend told me that when Jake Wyatt was asked how to get better, he suggested this. I don't know if that's true or juicy urban legend, but I believe it)

2. Write and Tell a Short Story in Pictures

3. Break Out the Watercolors Once a Week

Yeah, that's all. I'm a simple lad. I guess I want to take my education by the horns and stuff. So keep me accountable! Here's something I drew today. Stupid scribble


  1. I love that you made goals!! So proactive. Can't wait to see your progress over the summer! And don't forget to draw on the bus!

    1. I do draw on the bus! You'll be proud of me.