Sunday, March 6, 2016

Major Change: Complete! Also, Why the Slant?

Hi! This post is so long in coming because I got wrapped up in making a sword:

 I just snapped a screenshot because I deleted the camera and didn't have time how to figure out how to light it and render it properly. Modeled in Blender, 512 diffuse, painted in Photoshop. I don't know the rest of the information (polycount, etc). I don't even know where to look to find it, but I guess it could be solved with a quick Googling. Maybe next prop. Probably more bladed weapons until I'm more familiar with Blender.

So yeah, in the end I did change my major on Tuesday. I'll be getting a bachelor's in science with an emphasis in arts and visual communications and an associate's in associated sciences. I think. It's a huge mouthful and I'm still unclear. I'll graduate this Fall, but I'm being cautiously optimistic until it's over and done with. I was planning a pretty grueling Summer of training but I guess I have to take classes now. Hopefully, they too will gruel me.

Here's some recent sketchbook stuff. 
I've noticed I seem to be slanting the same angle every time. I think I have some excellent bad habits that enable me to lock angles into the same spot every time. I need to break this. Everything is slanting the same direction. And in this first sketch, one of the bald guys and the bottom-left person-monster appear to even have the same collar on their coat. Freaky!

This is a character turnaround  I hope to model in 3D sometime down the line. It's kind of stupid, based on a doodle I did in my notebook during a call at work.


  1. You're doing it, Peter!! I'm so proud of you for teaching yourself 3D!

    I like the last guy a lot and I want his little head knob to light up like it looks in the sketch. You're still doing baby feetsies I see ;}

    1. I have so much 3D to learn! The challenge becomes keeping up with current trends. I need to learn more about PBR and other junk. But it's still exciting! I'd really like to feel totally comfortable. Frequently, working in 3D feels like something will break if I look at it wrong!

      I'm glad you like the last guy. I feel like he lost some personality in that character turnaround. I'd like to bring that back, and really push his Angler Fish Light. It could be spooky!

      Also, my earlier comment was deleted because of a comma splice, not because of anything explicit.

    2. Classic quote, Kaitlin :)

      And it sounds like a worthy goal, if a bit rushed. But having a science degree will definitely be a lot more useful, when push comes to shove.

      Also, I'm a fan of the dual-blade-wielding character, above the knobby-head guy. And the swarthy, rotund, revolver dude. The head next to him, with the hawk nose, is pretty cool too. I'll stop now, before I just say it's all cool, and go through each one.

    3. A bit rushed!? Ha! I've been working on my bachelor's for 7 years! It's time to be done with school forever and ever.

      I'm glad you like everything! I'm looking forward to the next update. I'm hoping to have a full-blown character posted. It's starting to get scary, wish me luck!