Sunday, August 7, 2016

The End: Moving On (Thank You!)

Well... I think we're nearing the end of this blog's usefulness. With my final semester looming and real life after that, I really need to start getting my art out there in ways that people can find me. I'll continue on Tumblr (which I've begun posting on!), and probably Instagram. If you have no interest following me to another platform, I completely understand- Thank you for being here while I've struggled and pushed to improve. 

Here's a final pose and render on the character I've been working on. I'm still trying to figure out materials and textures, and I'd like to do a more exciting pose, but that will come soon!

Some materials and pre-pose.

This next was a progress shot on the character's hammer.

This is one of the things I'm working on next. He's a big punching punchmonster.

So there you go. Thank you for everything, and hope to see you soon.


  1. Zach, this is so good and so exciting! YOU DID IT!! You've been saying for years that you want to create and finish a 3D creature! And now that you've done it once you can do it over and over again. You're only going to get better!

    Do I have to create a tumblr account now in order to keep my place as #1 fan?

    1. Thanks! I hope you're right. This next character is moving right along, so hopefully there's some truth there!

      And I'm still working on finding a way to follow my posts, even if you're not on Tumblr. So I'll tell you when I know.

  2. Looks pretty awesome... I am impressed with the fixes, the additions, and the complete product.

    I am saddened by the need to move to another platform, though I understand the reasoning. Despite my proclivity towards many technological things, I am very slow to jump platforms, and as my Facebook account should show, I am rarely into anything that trends more toward what would be termed "social media", so I may be absent for a while, except as a spectator.

    But you know where to find me, so for questions, concerns, advice, jokes, artistic feedback, etc., I'll be around.


    1. Thanks, Samuel!

      I appreciate your comments. I knew that not everyone would be interested in adding yet another thing to do to their life, and I totally understand! I'm sure I'll update you on the important stuff anyway. But yes, thanks again for constantly stopping by to check on my progress (or lack thereof).

  3. Is it OK that I am an art dunce but I love your blog and looking at your progress? I will miss checking in here but wish you well as you move on to bigger and better (and possibly more commercial) adventures!

    1. Thanks! As I said earlier I'm trying to find a way to keep everyone informed. I'm not sure how I'll do that yet!