Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Dreaded Laser Horse.

Today was better. I'm struggling because I refuse to allow myself to draw demon people all the time because I feel like it's an ineffective habit. I put one in today with some thumbs. Also, the Dreaded Laser Horse.

Havin' problems with his hand. 

Here I got careless and didn't bother to make sure the sword actually fit in the sheath. Shame, because it's my favorite from today. Dern it! Could have been much cooler.


  1. The third one down is my favorite. You have talent, Zach. Keep pushing forward! Draw 'til your fingers bleed. Or your nails get worn. Or, I don't know, 'til you fall asleep.

    1. Thanks! At this point, I'm likely to fall asleep. But my fingernails aren't in good shape either, now that you mention it.