Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hey, guys! I wrote a haiku in class!

Corpses surround us
A desolate battlefield
Blood pumps like a spring

Workin' out some perspective stuff.

This was a girl in my class. Her side and foot and backpack and stool, anyway. 
I explained I was drawing her and showed her. I think she was sad that I didn't really get her face or anything. Whatever.

The final project for 2D Design is to design album art for a song. Teacher said that we're gonna play the song in class. I'm very, very tempted to do something like Swim to the Moon by Between the Buried and Me because of the length (17:54). It's basically about "What's the heaviest/loudest/most abrasive/longest song I own?"
Heh. I'll post more as I start putting stuff together.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe she was sad because you didn't draw her face? Maybe she was hoping, wishing, dreaming, "Man, oh, man, I hope he draws my face!"