Monday, March 25, 2013

I finished a sketchbook.

Almost a month! Even with February having a few less days! Before this semester started, my goal was a sketchbook a month! You're doing it, Peter! So, as before, I'm posting a ton of garbage from the last few days. 

Before you tell me that "Those guys are facing the same direction, blah blah blah", I know! I'm furious as well. I would have flipped one, but 1: That would be cheating, and 2: The text would be backwards and look silly. For those who didn't notice, I'll explain: The central characters in the next two images are facing the same direction. It's disgraceful. Yep.

And this is just nonsense. End of a long day, boring demon-people. Ugh.

I'm going home now, I'm tired. Love ya.

1 comment:

  1. I used to wonder why you were trying to fill a sketchbook. Now I understand that it makes you a better artist. Looking good! Keep pushing forward!