Monday, January 13, 2014

All I have is a shark.

Dedicated to my sister.

There's a rotten egg by the bus stop where I stand all the time. I've been watching with interest. It's been frozen for the last couple weeks, but today when I prodded it with my toe it ejected a chunky greenish yellow mixture onto my shoe. It was unpleasant.

That reminds me, it's dinner time


  1. Thanks for the dedication! I feel so loved! I want that picture framed. Also, I laughed so hard about that egg. SICK. How was it alive after two weeks?! Can't wait to see your shoes. ;)

    1. I wiped my shoe off in the snow! So you won't get to see the yuck. But I walked Kaitlin over to it yesterday and she got to see. We threw up, almost!