Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bought art supplies today.

I bought some sketchbooks and folders to organize the loose leaf stuff I've got flyin' all over my desk. Argh.

In class today Will told us to design a character and gave us twenty minutes. I added some color and this is the result:

This next one is just a dude from my notes. He's cold... 

And then some dude I was drawing. He kept moving and I was too scared to just grab it, so it's kinda funky. You can see I tried to correct some perspective along the bottom.

Okay. Bed. How do I keep getting to bed past my bedtime?!


  1. Like the 20 minute dude. Good face. Good details. But FEET! Work on the feet son. This guy looks like a Chinese girl who had her feet bound!

    1. Hey, mom. I know that the feet are kind of silly, but I think they're cute! I'll keep working on it.