Sunday, May 17, 2015

Just Give Me Two Weeks (SUMMER '15 #1)

Geez! Where have I been? Very busy! Aspects of this 3D nonsense have proven much harder than anticipated and I've been floundering in my attempts to paint the object(s) I've created. Also, the figure drawing class that started this week [as an inappropriately lengthy aside, I thought classes started on the 12th, but apparently they started on the 11th. I'm very sad I missed a first day of class, even if it is just the day we discuss the syllabus. I like to have near perfect attendance.] is looking to be more demanding  than I had planned on. I'll keep trying to chip away at 3D, but I don't know how far I'm going to get with the sketchbook for figure drawing looming over my head.
Anyway, here's stuff I did:

These first 3 images are what took me so long. The 3D sword was giving me tons of trouble. Coloring that junk in? Jeepers. I hope the next thing I do isn't anywhere near as painful. 

(I rendered the sword in Maya because I was overwhelmed and cranky. I'll try for a more elegant solution next time)

These next few sketches are images I'd like to take to a more finished state in the next couple weeks.

Then I have the normal scribbles.

I saw this guy on the bus on Friday morning.

I didn't see this guy, nor would I want to.

So yes... Two weeks in and I'm not exactly where I planned. But I have a finished painting and some good sketches to start from and a couple ideas for more 3D props. I still need to find a way to work from reference more (or just get out and draw from life more), but hey! I have the whole Summer, right? Some of these guys have the EXACT same face, or hand, or feet, or pose or whatever. I aim to avoid that in the future.

Hopefully the next update comes much sooner. 


  1. You know I like your rosie, bearded warrior. He reminds me of a dwarf from The Hobbit only he's too muscular. He's a goodie. But is he wearing feathers under his armor? Like Allysann's wedding dress? Pretty.

    1. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL I was going more for chain mail than feathers, but armor is a personal thing, right?

  2. Progress, progress, progress -- I am seeing it all the time. Keep up the good work. Your painted dude is actually standing on the ground and has a background! Very nice. Also, your rough sketches are looking more polished. Developing the craft is a process and you are making progress for sure!

    1. Wow! Only good things from mom today? I have succeeded! Thanks, Ma!