Sunday, May 3, 2015


Note: this post outlines my goals for the summer. There's a lot of text. If that bores you, art will be towards the bottom of the post.

Hello. I missed last Sunday because I was making sure everything was ready for finals week (which went well [just kidding, I have no idea how it went, I'm just glad it's over]). Wednesday night I was coloring something but I didn't want to post it yet. 

Sorry for the absence, and welcome to May.

You'll remember that last Summer, I failed my goals in a fairly spectacular manner. I did, however, come away with a few things I really liked. This year I hope to come away with some rad stuff, but also meet my goals a little more. So first, here are my goals (transcription after the image): 

1. Finish the two remaining sketchbooks [from Spring 2015 semester], (one per month tentative): This goal has a slight addendum I need to mention... My friend Dallon gave me a sketchbook and it's huge. The dimensions aren't significantly larger than what I use, but it will be a challenge. As far as the school sketchbooks, one is maybe half done and the other just has a few pages in it (why did you ask us to buy a sketchbook?!)

2. Finish 3 (or more) pieces (color/painted):
This is just to get me to take sketches to a finished level of completion, perhaps finding a good workflow through which I'll be able to complete more art faster, rather than just posting sketches all the time. See also goal 8.

3. Render 3 Characters, one per month:
I know that my numbering is inconsistent, I should either fully type out the numbers or leave them as numerical characters, but I've just been scrawling these out as I think of them. BUT! I have a fairly intensive string of tutorials I'll be putting myself through to really make 3D a part of myself.

4. Make some props in 3D (Chair, table, sword):
More 3D. This incorporates stuff like UV mapping and texture painting, both of which are skills that I want to explore more thoroughly.

5. Be a good husband:
I asked Kaitlin what goals I could add and she suggested I add this. We both know I'm a good husband, but I think she wants to make sure that I don't forget and start smoking and wearing a leather jacket and greasing my hair and joining gangs.

6. Make sure it doesn't say "Student" anywhere online:
If I'm not a working professional by the time I've graduated, I'll be pretty cranky. This goal involves changing all aspects of my internet presence to reflect the fact that I want to be treated as a professional. I'm serious about this, and by the end of the Summer would like to have some strong portfolio work.

7. Try to incorporate more environmental aspects into work (architecture, plants, etc):
This goal is for my mother. She always points out that my characters are floating in space. It's essentially just a way to give work a more finished feel and work on perspective. I have some environmental stuff for you today! I'm already winning my summer goals!

8. No more B+W posts UNLESS there's also somefink [sic] colored:
Ah, this one's a doozy. I'm not allowed to post sketches or anything unless I've got something colored to show you! 

I'm also adding a 9th:
Use reference for everything and stop drawing out of your mind.

As far as post frequency here, I imagine I'll be posting all the time, but just in case, I'll always do a Sunday post to recap the week. Okay, that's all. 

Stuff from the week:

Colors are hard for me (by the way, I'm still working on that other image I told you Kaitlin and I were working on together) and so this might be a little freakish, but I'll be working on it!

Original sketch. You can see I severed his arm and shifted him a bit.

Environments!? Can it be!?

Some dudes.


  1. You're already doing so well on your summer goals! And if by the end of the summer you never joined a gang or took up smoking then you'll at least have achieved that much.

    1. Thank you! I hope that I can stay out of trouble. Well... Some trouble might be good for a young man like myself.

  2. I remember when you used to wear a leather jacket. That seems so very long ago. My how the weeks pass by ever so quickly.

    1. Ah yes, back when I was a bomber pilot in the War. Those were the days...

  3. I put a really nice comment here but it got eaten. Again.

    Anywho, nice job with the goals and the art. I can't help but wonder if the pink warrior dude is K's influence.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Pink!? No! I just picked a random color scheme from Google and that's what happened!