Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It's Me Again (SMALL UPDATE)

Well, I figured out my class schedule... Kinda. I'll be doing independent study with a couple teachers during the second block to meet the credit requirements since the blessed 3D portfolio class didn't carry. Even if it had carried I couldn't take it anyway because figure drawing is at the same time. Scheduling woes, scheduling woes.

Today is just a sketchbook dump, since I'll be finishing my sketchbook today. There's only a few pages left, I'll have taken exactly a month to finish it! I haven't worked on my 3D guy for days and days. I'm almost done UV mapping, but Perry's figure drawing class has been a nightmare. I should be working on stuff for his class right this moment, but I needed to do a quick blog post. I aim to have the 3D character UV mapped by the next time I post. I need to find a sliver of time to take care of the rest of that.

Also, all this stuff is drawn only in pen. That's weird.

The explosion in this came from a Google search. I used reference! But only on something as inconsequential as an explosion.

Okay, I need to do my homework now. Bye.


  1. I am always amazed by the variety of creatures that come out of your head. Have you ever, in all your copious spare time, considered writing a story for all these folks to play in?

    Keep up the good work even though it is hard to be a big kid! MWAH!

    1. Thanks, Ma! I have considered it, but I've got too much going on. The other day I was going through my files and found a couple text files with information, but I can't really afford to spend time developing the ideas. Eventually it will probably happen.

  2. Your explosion is cool!

    Congrats on finishing another sketchbook!!

    1. Thanks! Another day, another dollar.