Sunday, May 8, 2016


Hello! I'm starting summer school tomorrow! I think. I need 19 credits to graduate this December and I've ever so carefully built a schedule that meets that demand. Unfortunately, one of these essential classes didn't carry, so I'm 3 credits short. The art department isn't offering anything I can take, the much anticipated Zbrush/portfolio building class has a time conflict with figure drawing, and I appear to be locked out from digital media's upper division. I'm going in tomorrow to knock heads together and make them fix it. I'll be quite put out if I have to stay an extra semester to take a single class. Oh me oh my.

I was talking to my friend Samuel and he suggested I post what I had so far from my current 3D project. It should look familiar to those who saw what I posted last time...

This is a 1 hour study from a girl I found on Mel Milton's Pinterest page.

Sketchbook has felt weak to me the last couple weeks, but here's some scribbles I didn't loathe:

Hoping to have the rest of my seams drawn up and uv's mapped on the 3D guy next time I post. It would be ideal to have textures in, too, but I'm not gonna get too greedy!

Have a nice week. 

Oh, I haven't mentioned my goals for this summer yet. 

...Because I don't have any yet!


  1. I love that you're back to digitally painting faces, I always enjoy it when you do that. And I'm so excited about your 3D progress! Your man is coming right along! Good luck tomorrow in your last first day of summer semester ever. I believe in you.

    1. Painting is important! That, and my ability to pick colors inevitably results in me picking the same blah grey-purple I always do. My first day of school was fine, but it sounds like this semester is going to be a lot of work. I'm not sure I like that!

  2. Well, finished or not, I'm glad that you posted. It does indeed look good.

    I am particularly impressed by the "1 hour study" of the girl with the blue lips. It's a pretty incredible piece. I know that the style is quite different, but this really brings echoes to my mind of Brandon Graham, Kazu Kibuishi (not so much his own stuff as much as the Flight or Explorer collections for which he was editor), Greg Rucka, and Brian K. Vaughn... In my mind, that's a big win; Especially so if it truly was something that you whipped up just that quickly, with seemingly little stress (at least that you mentioned) - Maybe that's an exercise that you could repeat more often to help you keep perspective. Your attention to detail is beyond question, as perfectionism is a common trait for artists, including yourself. But stepping back to do something like that could both provide a break from the grind on the bigger projects, and help round out the portfolio. Just a (lengthy) thought.

    As to the sketchbook pieces; I especially like the bottom two. I hate to make two comparisons to Star Wars within such a brief period, since it makes me look/sound like a nerd, but the one on the right totally looks like a relation to the race that comprises the Banking Clan, and the bottom one reminds me of a slightly different take on Ackbar, had he been more inspired by a shark, and less by an octopus.

    I'm done now. Writing a comment longer than the original post is probably considered rude :0

    1. Whoa! Thank you for the comparison, Samuel! It's an honor (and a bit daunting) to be compared to some of those guys. I didn't know who Greg Rucka was, but after the customary Google search, I think he does some cool stuff!

      You're also right that doing a painting like this should be a regular thing. An hour a day would be a hugely beneficial exercise, but with the amount of figure drawing sketchbook I have to deal with, it may be pushed aside so I can stay afloat until the first block of summer is over and behind me.

      I'm glad you're liking the sketches! Strangely enough, I find the Ackbar comparison to be startlingly accurate.

      Finally, there's nothing wrong with leaving a nice, verbose comment! My goal in this response was to match yours in length, but I may fall short. I am, however, typing an e-mail with some computer questions. So I'm going to consider that an addendum to this comment!