Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I didn't post yesterday.

Yeah, cuz I got home from class at like 11:50 and ate lunch and went to work. I told myself, "I'll post when I get home" but I was so tired when I got home nine hours later that I just went to bed. But here's some stuff:

I'm going to work on a "PROJECT". Or just project, I guess. Basically, I went in to talk to my academic adviser yesterday [and found out I had accidentally signed up for several of the wrong classes, despite having the correct list in front of my face when I did so] and we talked portfolio. She said, "How's your portfolio?" and I said "Nonexistent" and showed her my blog. 
Nothing is ever finished. So basically, I want to complete a picture. I'll do some thumbnails. Then I'll map it out. Then I'll finish in pen. Then maybe I'll color it. So I'll do that in addition to the daily poop I throw against the wall. And now I go to class. You'll hear from me again later today.

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