Sunday, June 2, 2013

Just doodling

EDIT:  A couple minutes after posting the above I realized I forgot to upload these guys, too:

Not much but it has been a hectic week.

I remember now that I promised to upload my failed experiment in perspective.

I blurred the characters out because I'm quite embarrassed by how they turned out. First time really throwing dudes into perspective was quite difficult.
 Above: You can see the confusion in the lines in the front of the bus. I was like, "Wait, everything is going to vanishing points..." While I was drawing I knew it looked wrong and I started correcting it. But the correct looking lines weren't going to my vanishing point! Let's move to the back of the bus to check...
Above you can sort of see my thought process. The top line of the bus went to what I had decided was my vanishing point. But the bottom did not. I drew the bottom how I wanted it to look (What seemed normal). If I had angled the bottom of the bus up towards the point the angle would have been far too extreme.
I went in and showed my art professor the next day and was like "HEY WHATS THE DEAL" and he looked at it and told me that in actuality my vanishing points were off the page, as seen below:
Seems so blatantly obvious now. But now I know! Learning experience.


  1. Art is not supposed to be this complicated. This is why I don't draw! Oh, and because I can't!

    1. No, that's the thing: With rules like these, anybody with a ruler can poop out a combat bus.