Friday, July 19, 2013


Here's some stuff I've been dewdlin' on the last few week(s[?]). I don't know for sure. I only use this one while I'm at work so I don't have to lug around my larger sketchbook. So here. I just threw some colourz on there to make it pretty or whatevah. It would appear that some is nothing more than scribbles. I'm tired. I went running today. My legs hurt. So do my eyeballs. I need to close them. So in chronological order (jk), here you go: MIND DUMP

Now the dude in this one is obviously not nude, I guess I'm just immature and think "Nude" is a funny thing to say.

The Steam Summer Sale was happening apparently. It's on my mind. But I only spent 12 dollars this year because I'm poor as heck.

This next one has a guy with a mohawk

I added a face and "@#*$". That guy appears to be singing the Rage Against the Machine cover of Cypress Hill's How I Could Just Kill a Man. What a freak

This guy has a shiny shotgun. For some reason, I bothered to white out the space around his finger in the trigger guard, which is weird, because the color job on the lil' devil is as nice as poop

Cool. I'm outta here. Have a great Friday night or whatever you have wherever you are in the world


  1. Ewe need to put some Salem Witch Trials fan art up on the dump.

    1. Sounds like Bayonetta fan art to me. I LIKE IT

  2. The dump" Ye older minds dumpe

    1. I don't even know what you're talking about! Zing to thee, my child