Monday, July 8, 2013

School is busy, and my eye hurts

So that's why there are no updates and stuff.
But here's what I've been working on for class!
We were supposed to put together a font and I'm not especially creative so I just used a marker and wrote letters, then used the pen tool in illustrator to get 'em in there.

And since I'm waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too lazy to figure out how to make all of your image viewers view stuff good, here's a close up of "F" (because I'm most proud of how it turned out ;))


Oh yeah, I listened to a whole lot of Baroness while I drew this. I didn't find their new double album to be amazing, but if I were a country, this would be my national anthem. And for those who click my music links and are offended by all the yelling and screaming, this is instrumental. So yeah, there's no yelling and screaming unless it's coming out of your mouth because you also want this to be your national anthem and you're making up lyrics and yelling and screaming them. 

I may or may not have done this while drawing.


  1. Baroness is the BEST. seriously. and i love that font, it makes me happy. i want to learn how to do that!

    1. It's relatively simple, just immensely time consuming. Especially since I'm a newb.
      But yeah, Baroness is sweet. And Baizley is such a good artist artist, not just music artist. Looking back, I bought Kvelertak's CD mostly because he did the art for it. Mediocre CD to listen to, but awesome to look at. It looks like they're also coming to Utah on August 30th. Should be a rad way to kick off the semester.

    2. i agree, Baizley is the way i found out about Baroness, actually. he is fantastic and has such an awesome style. i wasnt aware that they were coming to utah! ill have to check it out and see if i can go!

  2. UGGGGHHH! (; (; I like your alphabet too.