Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Today I was gonna print out an assignment that's due for class tomorrow, so I went to this local printy place. While I was waiting my antiquated phone called 911 of its own accord. It does this all the time. I normally catch it before it has a chance to connect, but today I was too slow. I hung up, and promptly received a call back from a worried lady trying to see if I was all right. I was like, "Yeah, my phone is dumb sry sry sry".
It was embarrassing. But this is the price poor students must pay.

Maximum the Hormone finally came out with a new CD and it's awesome, was listening to it while I was doodlin'. 
It makes me lol!
If the link is down, search Utsukushikihitobitonouta, that's what I was trying to show you. 

On to the artwork(?)

 The deal with the dude in the upper right hand corner is that I don't care anymore.

Yeah, I was a naughty boy this month and didn't upload something every day. I'll try to be better! Since starting this blog I've certainly been better about drawing every day, which really is the goal. Just knowing people will come look at my stuff makes me work harder.
Thanks to everyone still coming here, especially my Russian friends! You guys frequently beat my number of viewers from the United States! 

Okay, I'm going to bed.


  1. the one in the top right reminds me of a magistrate I once knew

    1. Was he a member of the Ill-you-meh-nahtty? Was his name Ullman?