Sunday, September 1, 2013

A few things...

By all accounts, my life is good right now...
But I'm still not in the class I was re-waitlisted for, and it's causing me stress. Thursday, the professor said I probably wouldn't get into the class, which was a disheartening thing to hear. I took classes this Summer to be able to take this particular class now, in the Fall, so I could take other classes this Spring.
Because of my negligence (sort of) I now am unable to do that. 

I might just drop it, but I currently have no academic advisor to help me find a suitable solution, and the labyrinth of academic requirement is one I am terrified to traverse alone.
It would also appear that since I wasn't in the class when they processed my financial aid I was not considered a full-time student and I received less money.
The class has a project due soon... Should I do it? I may not get into the class and would end up wasting resources. 


I'm not so concerned about the grade as I am about improving, which means I'll do the assignment for myself and not any professor.
I want to be better.
I have to be better.
Improvement in art is the only thing I crave.

I need school, but it is the only real negative spot in my life currently (only a week in, too! Ha).

Here's some stuff I sketched today.

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