Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cut you up!

That axe guy's axe hand... It bothers me. I didn't fix it because I wanted to maintain the poopy quality of the sketch.

I normally hate anime (I feel like it's boring and lazy and why wouldn't I just read the original source material in graphic novel form?) but have made exceptions for a few things. This week I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion... It started out pretty strong, had a good sci-fi feel, interesting use of religious concepts and awesome robots (seriously awesome robots). But things started to fall apart midway through, culminating in one of the worst endings to anything I've ever seen. The last few episodes were immensely boring and unsatisfying. The conflicts that had been part of the plot for the entire series remained unresolved and the story shifted to pointless content about the state of the character's minds. I realize that the ending to the show has been done and re-done many times by the director, but that's frustrating for me as a user- How many tries do you get to end your story in a cohesive and intelligent way? I was very disappointed by the ending, but I loved everything else. My opinion of anime is sullied a bit further.
Have a nice Saturday.


  1. I like the hands on fuchsia headed guy!

    1. They turned out well, huh? I love when things work out well.