Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's National Batman Fan Day!

...Which is totally a lie, sorry.

Will people find my blog if it says "Batman" more times? I like Batman. I'm not much of a fan of the American super hero. I do like Batman, though. I like how his unstable mental condition provides a platform through which we can explore the humanity of a super hero and thus relate to him- We're human too! (I guess it's quite an assumption to say that... Forgive me, non-human readers!). I guess he doesn't have superpowers, but I don't really care. I don't care if he's rich or smart or clever or whatever. I do care that he's a total maniac. Batman is cool. Otherwise I'm more into graphic novels and storytelling and other garbage. I'm rambling now... This blurb was supposed to be full of the word "Batman", but I guess I got distracted... Oh, I also like Commissioner Gordon. He's flawed, too. I like all these messed up characters. Batman.


  1. BATMAN!
    Are you trying to imply, in your rambling, that you too are a flawed person and that is why you identify with BATMAN?
    Maybe it is your family's fault! If we were rich philanthropists,this wouldn't have happened!
    I need therapy!
    Intense drawings BTW!

    1. Thank you, Batman, for participating in my irrational Batman rambling!
      Yes! We are flawed like Batman, hence my identifying with Batman. Yeah, if you guys were bazillionaires like Batman's parents, maybe I wouldn't have any issues! Batman needs therapy too!
      Batman forever!!!

  2. Dad just said that, "if that guy had not stolen my great-great grandmother's rare pearls," which he was supposed to inherit, "I'd be rich." Like Batman's parents. He challenges you to find the movie and scene where Batman's Mom gets her pearls ripped from her Batman mother neck!

    1. I wonder if the movie in question is Batman, and the scene is the one where Batman's mother is slain, leading to Batman becoming Batman?