Friday, November 1, 2013

Inktober Day 32

Haha! Just kidding. Shout out to the people in my blog feed who did 31 days of Inktober: Nate and Ashley, good job, y'all. Yeah, those are the only people I saw who made it. Maybe I'm not following your art? Sorry, we'll fix it.

I'm at a friend's house and it's 8:45 and it's early and I'm tired and I don't have my tablet and coloring/editing/stuff on a computer is hard without it! I've been trying a lot more sketching with stuff that's not pen in the interest of working through understanding light and shadow and loosening up in general. So it's rough, but if you remember back to Day 1, this blog is all about growth. Attempted growth.

So the movie Gravity? I never saw it (which is odd for me because I do love the Sai-Fai) but I'm curious to see how it would fare with the addition of giant space sharks. You might think that's absurd, but clearly I have an eye for detail. Look! I didn't put gills on them because there's no flowing water in space for them to breath. So watch out for space sharks, s'all I'm sayin'. I'm adding the "Aliens" and "Animal" tag to this post because I think that giant space sharks are both. Oh, and "PHEAR" and "Scary" because they would be terrifying (and "Hairless", etc. Giant space sharks are many things).


  1. you inspire my guts to try new things. keep being awesome, always.

    1. It shall be done! I only now saw this comment.