Thursday, November 14, 2013

M*cklemore's hair, A SPACEMAN, "But sir!", 3RD EYE

 Don't know anything about the dude but his hair is whack! Is that good or bad? I think it's bad. But it's fun to draw.

I'm really unsure of what's happening here... What do you think?

Nice necklace?

It's time to buckle down and hit the tutorials hard again. I'm getting lazy and doing doodles. Hopefully I've improved slightly, but I want MORE. So yeah, I think I'm gonna do some more perspective stuff. It would be rad to put characters into environments, maybe finish something? Yeah, I know.

EDIT: It's 7:28 on Friday morning. I was looking at yesterday's post (this one) and I noticed that the floating fiery eye in the "3RD EYE" picture has a remarkable resemblance to some of the first few pages of Jake Wyatt's Necropolis. It wasn't my intention to have it look so similar but since I did see some of those pages months ago it's possible my brain was stealing them. I was shooting for something more Mignola-esque, honestly


  1. 1. That looks JUST like Macklemore's hair!
    2. I like that guy's necklace.

    Mmmmlove you!
    You're so talented!

    1. Thanks, sister. Make Steve buy you that necklace for Christmas!