Thursday, November 28, 2013

I lied. Here's a post!

So I lied... I'm going to do a post with stuff I did yesterday and today.
I took pictures with a camera I found at my parent's house, and it's hard to type because I sliced the tip of my left hand pointer finger off while I was peeling potatoes. It's dumb! 

My project over the weekend was starting a Pinterest. I guess it's the thing to do. I'm just constantly enraged by it. But starting today I'm posting stuff there I'm not posting here, so if you're into the garbage I'm sketching feel free to follow and pin or however that stuff happens. If you hate what I draw there's some cool stuff I pinned. I think. So check it out.

Less talk, more art, yeah?


  1. A Thanksgiving post! How lucky for your fans!! I like the first guy with the flaming head. I think you should do a serious project with him.

    1. How did I find time to post on Thanksgiving, and barely at all the rest of the week? And I would do work on that guy. But... I'm scared!