Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I May Go Blind: The Strain is Immense

My lady told me I'll go blind if I stare into the digital realms whilst my environs are darkened. I told her (or tried to, I'm looking at the text now and it was pretty cryptic) that I had to have the light off because the ceiling fan lights were way too bright and would throw light rays into my eyeballs and prevent me from working. Oh shoot, speaking of working, I was going to draw some bones for my anatomy and figure structure class. Blazes! Oh yeah! And I was going to work on the 3D thing I've been modeling. Blast! Oh my, I was also going to study art history and work on my flash homework! Blimey! Welllllll, I think this was more effective.
Have a look at what I got so far:

I used an M1 Garand as reference (Please tell me how to pronounce "Garand?"), I think it's just such a classy looking weapon. Notice the gun safety in practice here? That finger is off the trigger because he doesn't want to blow anything important to smithereens while he stands around and poses! I'm also a little embarrassed (by the way, "Embarrassed" has two "R"s and two "Ssss okay whatever punctuating/spelling that was a joke. It has two Arrs and two Esses, just a heads up) by the way that the drapery turned out... Those creases? Argh! I'll need to work out the kinks there.

And, as always, he's floating in space. Somebody draw that dude a background. Oh, you mean me? We'll see. Below is the original sketch. I scrapped the pose because it was frighteningly close to a sketch by a favorite artist of mine (Yeah, can't find a link to the sketch, but I have a link of the artist doing the sketch). I didn't have it in front of me but I came home and saw it and was like, "No, I'm no plagiarist!" And so the M1. 


  1. NIIIIIIICE! He looks totally rad, Zaglette! and I'm ever so pleased to see he is practicing gun safety. But is he a good guy or a bad guy? There's something about that facial structure that reads sinister.

    Good stories, too. It was nice to have our texting conversation from last night cleared up.

    Oh, you and your English jokes. It makes me feel like someday when you have fulfilled all your artistic ambitions you should go back to college and become an English professor. You'd enjoy it and all the girls would be in love with you. They'll write "I <3 U" on their eyelids and wink at you all day.

    1. I was thinking he was a good guy while I was drawing him, but you're right. His face doesn't quite back that up.

      I'm glad that we cleared up that conversation. Texting isn't as good as talking because it's so slow. I lose my patience and have a hard time typing all the things I'm thinking.

      And the longer I'm in school, the more I'm convinced I'll never come back. Argh.

  2. Zach, that is nicely done. Good job. He does look a bit like a Nazi. But if he was, he would be sporting a Gewehr and not a Garand, which Patton thought was one of the greatest weapons EVER.

    1. Thanks, Dad! The issue with not using reference is that things like this get confused. I wasn't thinking he was a bad guy, but the way he's attired might not be helping the viewer recognize that.