Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Inktober: Day -1

It's not even October yet, but I wanted to get in on this Inktober business for realz! JK, due to the new rules of this blog where I don't necessarily post every day, I won't be participating this year. You can bet that I'll be doing ink drawings as part of my standard training regimen, but I just won't be sharing them with all of you. Besides, I participated last year (Not really - Ed.)
So here you go!

Heh. His left hand (the one holding the firearm? [And not practicing the gun safety you were flaunting a couple posts back? - Ed.)) is all wonky cuz I inked it on the bus. I was really excited about this sketch, you see, and couldn't wait for a more suitable drawing environment, so it's all messed up. 


  1. Happy Inktober! This will be fun! I look forward to all the fantastical inkings you'll create this month.

    1. Ha. They're all secret except for this one probably. I'm an ink miser.

  2. Replies
    1. Nice! Maybe someday I'll finish it off? Or at least draw a background? Ha.