Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Turn 25 Today

Your prize is some things I drew.

I went to a lecture by Sam Nielson on Friday, these were some People I Saw Today (and no, he wasn't smoking).

And then a couple guys I doodled in class today. I'd like to take them further, but we'll see:

School continues to keep me verrrrrrrrry busy. I was talking to classmates today about how I never really draw for myself right now- It's all homework. It was nice to doodle out the above two guys [Even though you were in class? - Ed.] and relax a bit. My goal is to get another planner (I've lost 4 in the last 4 or 5 months) and write out my life so I have time for all the things I need to do.
So yeah. I survived 24 years. Now I'm 25.


  1. Somehow I feel like 25 makes you a REAL adult. It just sounds so mature. Too bad I never feel it. I'm so glad you had a birthday yesterday and that we got to celebrate together! I'll blog all about it soon! And your heads are looking so great! Good chob for sketching. You gotta keep it real, Zag! And by that I mean keep the flame of love for art alive.

    1. Yeah, I still don't feel 25. I'm a full-grown man now and I still just have a 3 year old's mind. Is that true? And yes, I'm glad we got to celebrate, it was freakin' fun!

      I'm really looking forward to this weekend when we really write everything down and plan our lives so we can be maximum effective. Srsly.