Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I LIVE: Sitrep

Hey, I'm here. What's going on? 
School is busy. In fact, I should be patching up the holes in a 3D pelvis, then rigging and weighting the model. But I had a few thing lying around I wanted to post. 
So yeah, school. I've been busy doing paintings, which is something that I don't really like to do. I feel like rather than studying the color theory aspects of the medium (acrylic, in this case) I'm just fighting the tools. Because of that I dread it. It should be an effective exercise but it's tough to push through. 
That's been life in general, lately- just kinda tough. For me, there's a lot of fear about the future: Can I make it as an artist? Am I really getting better? Is what I'm doing getting me to improve the fastest?
I try to just relax and keep taking steps, but I wonder if I'm being proactive enough.
Time management has been another hard thing. Last week Kaitlin and I bought another calendar (we couldn't find our first one, probably got lost in the move!) and started mapping things out with the hope that it would help us use time more efficiently. Since I just started work over at Boostability, time has been even more important. 
It's overwhelming, so much so that my typically endless motivation to do art has been all over the place.
It would be easier to embrace the chaos if I could know it was all adding up properly and would mean work upon graduation, but I guess we'd all like to see bits of the future and it's not likely to happen.
Anyway, I really should get around to my homework, but I just wanted to  say it's probably time get back into a regular posting routine again. For starters I think that I'll do one post a week, maybe on Sunday nights. Hopefully that will get my art muscles feeling better again.

Head studies from class:

(Hmm, it seems like I'm ending up on the same side of the model on a regular basis. Time to move to the other side of the classroom!)

Then I've got some doodles from the last few days. This first one was from this morning and it just felt so good to do. I haven't been drawing for myself at all this semester and I think it's important to do some fun stuff aside from the grunt work so you can apply the things you're learning and actually see how far you've come.

These were some studies from people I saw at the mall last Thursday (2/26/15). The guy on the top and left, anyway. 


  1. Love those head studies! I always do. And I like the guy at the bottom right corner in the last drawing. He's so saddie.

    Don't stress and despair, Zacher. It's such wasted energy. Just trust that everything will fall into place as you do your homework and your favorite art projects on the side. You will meet people and connect throughout life and get where you want to go. I know it's SO much easier said than done but I hate to think of the worry burden you carry all the time. It's useless! Just be a good Zag Rag and take it easy, will ya?

    -Your wifu

    1. Thanks, Waifu of mine. I just need to get 14 hours of sleep a night for 3 years and I won't be stressed ever again.

  2. You always see the most interesting people around town! We need to hang out at the mall!

    BTW, periods of great stress like this can cause great growth and skill development. You may not see it in the moment but this period will pay big dividends!

    1. I hope you're right, mother! I just need to keep going, I guess. I just hope that's the case. Thanks!