Tuesday, August 18, 2015

School Starts on Monday? (SUMMER '15 #15)

Sorry... It seems like everything I need to do has been jammed into the last few days. Paying for school, fixing the car, whatever, etc. I've been struggling with some 3D stuff (that infernal sword!!!) and just drawing and doing digital studies and whatever.

I booted up Dota 2 for the first time to see what it was like, as I want to make assets for it. I also watched some footage from The International. Umm. What else? 

Yeah, I don't know. I'm going to start modeling a character tomorrow or something. I just want to blah.


Oh yeah. Due to some cool stuff happening we were able to get me a smartphone again (I haven't had a smartphone since late 2012!) so I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. You can follow me here: @zachheckert.
I've just been posting lots of bus doodles there.
Well, not lots. 

You're still my first love, blog friends. And we also got that missing follower back! Back up to 30!


  1. Seriously, Zach. Compare these posts to the ones you were doing two years or even a year ago. So MUCH growth and progress! Look at all your colored projects!! I am loving these painted portraits you're doing, they look incredible. And that's something you weren't doing before. Allow me to be candid and say that your blog is a lot more exciting these days. It's all paying off!

    1. I hope you're right! I wish that instead of showing painted practice portraits I was posted cool characters and stuff. I just hope that these realistic studies will let me do the fun stuff someday soon!

  2. Time, patience and effort. It'll all come together!

    BTW, Bowling Ball guy at the bottom is weird. The eyes are a little freaky but the facial structure/skin is nice!

    1. Time? How much? A hunnerd years? Ha! I'm glad you like that guy's face. Kaitlin thinks his eyes are freaky, too.

    2. I actually tried to fix them, but I was working without an undo history to save space, and it was too hard. Hahaha!