Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hello! 29,998 Views!

It's not quite 30,000 [Update: Soon after this post, we did actually pass 30,000 views- Ed], but I was too impatient to wait! I had to do a post.
Today is Tuesday. I've been to all my new classes. I have an animation class that will be fun. The rest will be... School.

Here are some things I did.

I wasn't going to post this (it's last night's 1 hour study) but Kaitlin saw it and said, "Is that Jake Gyllenhaal?" I was flattered she knew who it was!

I have a break between my first class and work today. I did some studies from Pascal's Pinterest stuff. He posts such cool junk!

I did these yesterday.

I DID THIS TODAY. Why is it important? It's because of the foot. Look at the awesome foot. Our right, his left (I drew an arrow so you could find it easily, but it's kinda aimed right in the middle)! It's just one of my favorite feet. And look at the cute little mushrooms!

Lastly, there's this song (Hail from the Past) from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. In my opinion, it was a mediocre game. It was fun, but mediocre. But the desert song? I haven't played it since I was 16, but this song is CONSTANTLY going through my head! I know I'm sidetracked now, so it won't hurt if keep talking. Alucard's running animation in Symphony of the Night is one of my all time favs. Jonathan's running animation is pretty weak in comparison. I can't find one for you to see, sorry. But anyway, my only real recollection of Portrait of Ruin is Jonathan's running animation syncing up to that desert song. Anyway, my whole point with this dumb story is that I go running multiple times a week to keep from going insane and sometimes when I go running I sing that song in my head in time to my running. It's pretty stupid. 


  1. You're getting so freakin good with digital paint. Now I want you to paint that same picture you sketched of Scarlet Johansen. You could make her 100% recognizable now. And I love your blue sketches! Old man is especially done with skill.

  2. MMMMMMMMMMMM I don't know about Scarlett. That picture was in black and white! I guess it could be grayscale, but I want to learn color stuff. I like people with beards. They have a high chance of being drawn.