Friday, August 7, 2015

:( (SUMMER '15 #14)

Ever since my last post, I've been slumpin' like a maniac! I don't know what's up, but everything I do is feeling a bit weak to me. My drawings feel really clunky and generic and "Bad-Habitty." I really need to work more from reference and try to do more studies of stuff. I still want to finish my sword, but it's been pushed to the back burner for a sec.

This is a dumb thing I started yesterday. I'm really trying to get down a good Zbrush workflow, and it's slow going (although I did successfully get a low poly model into Maya and get a texture map and normal map from the high poly onto it. It looked like butt, but it's a start. I would have posted it here but I can't find it. My desktop is super messy right now). The socks were my wife's idea. I wanted to give him shorts, but she said only socks would be better. I think she's right.

This next one was a study done from one of Aris' pieces. I thought I would try mixing stuff by doing a monster instead of a portrait. As a lighting exercise it's nice, but as far as enforcing basic drawing principles is concerned, I found it lacking. Since it's a monster (and thereby not as familiar as a human face) it's much easier to justify bad measurement taking and general sloppiness. It wasn't a waste, but I feel like I have so much to learn from the human figure that maybe I won't do this as much.

Yeah, with all this hubbub about The International 2015 going on right now maybe it really is time to finish up my Dota sword.

Okay, back to work!


  1. You finished another Zbrush demon!! Congrats! The socks really are hilar. It's like he thinks he's Tom Cruz-Risky Business. He just needs a good pair of shades. Forget the shirt, he's better in the nude.

    Your digital paint monster is very unsettling. It's ugly but nicely done. Good work!

    1. Sheeshapia, it took forever to respond. And don't forget we're all nude under our clothes! And I have to get back to doing studies, it was a busy weekend. Urgh!

  2. I LOVE the socks! Although, socks and no shorts make him an immodest monster!

    I like your other creature too, he would give me nightmares. Good work there but I agree you do need to work from reference.

    Keep working hard!

    1. I think I might just clothe everything in socks from now on. It hugely simplified my life and allowed me to focus more on anatomy. That second monster WAS from reference, Ma! But I think I need more realistic human faces.