Saturday, September 5, 2015


School has been too busy. 
Since school began I haven't had time to do any art. I've just been filling sketchbooks while in class. I guess that's not entirely true. I've found time for a single 1-hour study.
...But that's all!
I woke up at 6:30 this morning and did homework til about an hour ago. Then I cobbled together as much of the stuff I don't hate that I can and am sharing it with you.
It's kind of depressing, but I hope it will be worth my while someday.

I'm terrified that since I'm not flexing my 3D muscles at all (I'm busy doing things like drawing primitives in Illustrator), I'll forget everything I learned over the summer. What a waste! Urgh! I hope school gets to teaching me cool stuff sometime soon so I don't feel guilty for forsaking the important art stuff I was doing.

Here's the single study I've been able to do. She looks quite sickly. I'm pretty sure it's because of that nauseating background color getting into everything.

This next one has a cool thing. That monster on the left was done from this reference monster on Pascal's Pinterest. Just like the last post, I've been trying to spend some time there cuz he's got some really cool stuff. I know my monster is nothing like the photo, but that's cuz I made it better ;)

As an aside, that "EAT MEAT WHALES" note has been on my mind a lot. When I think of big monsters like Godzilla I ask myself what the heck a monster like that would eat!? Something that size would need a lot of calories to take a step, let alone destroy everything. My solution? They eat whales like candy. Whales are big and full of meat.

 Okay, gotta go. I hope my updates don't become this infrequent. I hope I get time to do 3D. Someone give me a Timeturner so I can do some freakin' 3D!!!


  1. Just think, this Saturday will be all yours! You'll have to do a little bit of homework but other than that you're free to paint and do 3D till you drop! And I'll be there next to you watching Are You Afraid of the Dark and eating grilled cheese sandwiches. I like the purple background on your sketches. It's a nice touch.

    1. I don't even know how I'll spend my time! I'll alternate every hour. And I'd like it very much if we could be next door neighbors whilst I slave away.