Sunday, October 4, 2015

Finished the First Sketchbook of the Semester

Hey! I finished a sketchbook on Thursday. Since I started it on August 27th, and finished on October 1st, it was just short of a month. But it's alright! I'm haulin' through this new one. Maybe I'll do this current one in a month?

Here are some views snapped out of Zbrush with the monster. I changed his face and added some more detail to his hands and posture. This week I want to go over his outfit (the mesh has some tiny holes in it) and figure out some poses. Oh, I also thought of a way to build him a weapon or two. Hopefully I can throw that stuff together. Y'know? I'm also looking at his feet and they're pretty weak right now, I need to work on those, too.

Here's some sketchbook stuff from the week. This first guy has a silly outfit and goatee.

You can see I tried to add some more details into some of the faces on the next one. 

Here are the stragglers for the week. The big guy with long arms was drawn a couple weeks back but I either keep forgetting to upload. Actually, one time I scanned him but I chopped it in half and by the time I noticed I had already packed up the scanner wires. Anyway, here it is.

Lastly, I posted this sketch on Instagram last week and told my buddy Eden I'd color it in. I'm watching this video by Johannes Helgeson (Sometimes NSFW), trying a different process. Here's the progress so far. 

I have some pretty nifty stuff to show you next weekend, and hopefully I'll have polished up my 3D guy a bit more. Have a good one and thank you for stopping by!


  1. Your 3D guy is coming along splendidly! I like all his progress. The first two sketches are my favorite, I love the goatee guy. He has personality, I think you could come up with a fun story for him. Keep being cute! Love you!

    1. Thanks! I like him, too. I think he has a bland face compared to his body, though. I think he deserves to have a much more exciting noggin. But I'll keep working on stuff! And maybe keep being cute.

  2. Son, it's your Mom! You are too cute and I agree with Cootie K that the goatee guy is darling!
    Keep up the good work with 3D guy, I see lots of progress and skill development!

    1. Thanks, Ma! I'll keep chipping away on the 3D guy. I've looked at him this week, but haven't really tinkered much. I need to find out how to fix the tears in the mesh. Hmm, hmm, hmm.