Saturday, October 24, 2015

Misery: I've Lost My Stylus

Woe is me! 

I don't even know how this happened, but it has absolutely cramped my style this week. 
I've mentioned here that I've been trying to use my phone effectively? I downloaded the Pluralsight app and have been watching a sweet video on generating assets in Zbrush. I've been learning tons. 

Thursday evening I finally got some free time and was going to start applying what I learned. But my stylus was gone.

...That's about it. Still unable to find it today after tearing our domicile apart looking for it, I bought a new one which will arrive Tuesday. Because of that, this is all I can show you (and it took me like 3 horrendous hours).

Also, this morning I was helping a lady in my neighborhood move and there was this buff guy there. I was staring at his arms trying to memorize what the muscles did as he moved around, (hoping he didn't get the wrong idea) so I could draw way cooler arms. That is all.

Some dudes:

Some more dudes (and thumbnails/environmental practice [which can be hard to see. Right click and open in a new window for easier viewing]):


  1. You were checking out your brethren. Steamy. I'm sorry this week has been ruff ruffman for you. The stylus will get to you soon and maybe it will have exciting powers your old one didn't. Silver linings.

    1. I pray that the witches of Wacom hath blessed my new stylus with powers beyond my wildest dreams. For what you pay for one of those things, I don't think it's inappropriate to assume they imbue enchantments into their styluses.