Saturday, October 10, 2015

Today, I Was Naughty.

Well...  This was a doozy of a week. I did some terrible drawings. These ones were from just after my last blog post and after this I drew a lot of puke. I've been trying to keep up on homework but I'm not really interested. People are saying that I need to "Make assignments my own" but the classes I'm in are not conducive towards that. I woke up at 6 this morning and while Kaitlin was sleeping in (Saturday is the only day of the week we sleep in. I try to sleep in but my body demands I get up around 6 so I get up and get to work) I did some art and started a couple things. Once I get them a bit further along I'll show them to you. But about the title for this post. We randomly ended up with some time where we weren't doing anything this afternoon. I should I worked more on projects, but I played videogames for a while instead. It was only a couple hours but I felt guilty afterwards. That's the sort of thing that gets in the way of getting better at art, right? UGH! What was I thinking? Hopefully it doesn't happen again. I did some work on the 3D character this week, but it wasn't substantial enough to show you. I did work on this guy some more:

Still got a long way to go, I really need to get the blacks out of the shadows. Next, I've got some sketchbook stuff. There's like a pig alien guy standing on the hill. He's going back to his spaceship after an uneventful trip.

I was walking to work from the bus stop this week. I saw 3 different varieties of mushroom, so I snapped some pics with  my phone. I drew a weird mushroom man. And a robot named Frank, but it's pronounced "Frahnk."

A dragon and a will-o'-the-wisp.

Then some doods. The text for the grouchy guy all balled up (which I seem to have removed at some point) said "Clothed Cannonball!!" The space marine at bottom middle is a victory because I attempted some perspective on his firearm. I should have used reference. If I ever want to finish it, I'll need to. There are no legs because I couldn't get them to look right. Urgh.

Yeah, that's all I got. I don't play videogames, really, but I think I have to get better and managing my time. I need to be completing work when I'm at home but homework and stuff gets in my way and is too darn distracting. I don't think it's worth it to wait for big 6 hour chunks of time, because those don't happen. I need to cram work into the 15 and 20 minute blocks so at least I'm taking baby steps. I'll figure it out. Have a good week!


  1. The pig and his spaceship is really imaginative! I like it! And the human cannon ball is funny! I think if you're going to play games then you have to mentally prepare yourself. Tell yourself you're going to take it easy, you haven't played games in a while, and make a promise to yourself that you're not going to feel guilty about it. Make sure it's only a small portion of your day so you can get other things done too. I feel bad that you want to play games so bad but every time you do you end up beating yourself up about it. I think it's called moderation. If you can get a healthy dose of art in for the day I see no problem with picking up an old hobby you love for an hour or two. YOU'RE FINE!

    1. I'm glad you like the pig and the spaceship. I'm really trying to push myself out of my comfort zone right now because everything is feeling ultra samey. But yeah, Games. Surely there are times to play. I just have to find them and then not be guilty and not do too much!

  2. I am kind of in love with mushroom face man! The creativity is a good thing.
    Don't be too hard on yourself, Dreeds! Keep juggling things and it'll all work out.

    1. Thanks, Ma. I don't think that mushroom facery is a condition you should seek after if you aspire to be cute, though. I'll try not to be too hard, but that's hard! I guess I just keep pushing forward.