Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sketchbook Completed: Independent Study Is Go!

It's true. I've FINALLY got second block classes set up! Independent study is happening! This means I can drop a class Fall semester and still graduate. Won't that be nice? I'm hoping to take some of these sketches to a finished state and build them in ZBrush. If I came out of summer 2016 with 4 or 5 (or 3 or 2 or 1, let's be honest) finished characters that would be aces. Moving on!

Today is Thursday? A week from now my figure drawing class will be over! I've done some nice drawings and will scan those in to show you. I'm posting today because I finished a sketchbook, the last in my 3 pack. My new one has 100 pages compared to the Moleskine's 60 and is significantly bigger (9x12 inches vs 7.5x10). This larger size is what I typically use, but I'm concerned that after having filled 3 smaller ones I'll have a tough time finishing in a month. I had forgotten how massive 9x12 is!

These sketches are the last of the Moleskine. 

In this first one we have the punching guy. Punching is a theme in my work, I think. It's great! I want to work on him a bit more, but we'll see. I seem to have a hard time finishing pieces...

Recently, I was going through some older stuff I had uploaded to this blog (circa 2013). It's terrible! I'm shocked by what I thought was viable upload material. So much of what's on here from that time is basically scribbles. It's nice to see that I've improved, especially when it can be difficult to feel that improvement in my regular day-to-day. 

Back to work!


  1. Yay - First again! But let's not expect this to be a regular occurrence.

    Personal favourites from this set include the top fellow who lost a bet, and had to play the part of target at the archery range, the Rufio-with-tons-of-mousee crazy-hair head beside "the Chicken", and the guy in the middle of the second page, calling "Freeze"... The only thing that I would say bothers me with the pincushion fellow is that the exact separation between chin, collar, and the shading beneath the line of the jaw is somewhat vague. With the big bruiser, holding the gun, either that gun was not made for him, or he really likes small guns...? Seems a little disproportionate, but I still like the very obvious layered aspect of his armor plating, the belt around the lowest end, and the coif around his head (which is shaped believably, but just differently enough to be interesting).

    Glad that you feel and see improvement in your work. That is essential if you have the need to derive pleasure from this kind of creative work. I feel like I'm overusing the word "work" now. But the point is, progress is just how things go, and that means that everything that came prior, while it may have been good at the time, is always going to look dated, at least to some. I like what I see happening, and hope that it will be recognised and appreciated by more people as your portfolio grows, and is shared and spread further. And hopefully the same trend will continue through second block of summer!

    1. We just watched The Fellowship of the Ring, and I think that was the inspiration for the arrowed guy at the top! The Chicken is the name of the spiky hair guy. They call him "The Chicken". He's a fearsome bounty hunter with amnesia (insert preferred generic origin story here).

      You've found one of the things I've been actively thinking about lately. The sketchy nature of what I've been doing leaves perhaps too much up to the imagination of the viewer. I could really use some clarity when spelling out the details! I'm hoping to have greater control over where I put stuff to strengthen the drawings overall.

      The guy with the segmented armor does indeed have a small firearm, but perhaps it's not his primary weapon? I didn't think that deeply about it!

      Finally, thanks for the good wishes! Naturally, I'll keep everyone posted through the blog. Here's hoping things go well!

  2. I'm so glad you FINALLY recognize how much you have improved. It's so exciting. And you're only getting better! I also want you to know that I approve of your punching poses. I prefer them to the decapitations and blood and carnage in general.

    1. I hope the growth happens quickly! I like to think it's exponential, but I guess that will be seen in how quickly I acquire a job post graduation!

      And there aren't many decapitations around here anymore... Maybe we should change that?