Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Is Busy

I have to go to bed, but here's stuff I've sketched on the bus and between figure drawing poses in class. I haven't done 3D for weeks and am still working on getting my second independent study squared away. Glancing at these again, I feel like I missed something. I'll have to go look. There's two weeks left before 2nd block begins. 

Also, I can't stop listening to  Dasein by First Fragment. If you're into deathmetal, give it a listen.


  1. Yay, first comment! I'm usually a couple days late, and behind others.

    With regard to your artwork, I claim no particular ability to offer an accredited or empirical critique; But I do have some things that I liked! On the third sheet (labelled as image file b4), I really like the very gopher-like face of the guy in the upper left. After much further inspection, he does have some incredibly small feet comparatively, but his head is captivating. And I also liked the full figure on the right; He is very reminiscent of "Daniel" from the PSP title "MediEvil" - He also features in the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

    I may not be a huge fan of death metal, on a regular basis, but it's amazing to me how many incredibly talented musicians either are drawn into, or have roots in metal... I've been using a few different metal-esque groups for composition inspiration lately, so I appreciate the extra reference as I do not have a huge listing "favourite artists" or anything in the genre as of yet (Metallic sounds like the wrong adjective, and could be too easily confused with Metallica)

    1. Congrats on being first ;)

      ...And still first, days later. Where are the other regulars? We've been abandoned!

      In any case, what I like about the gopher face guy is the angle that we see his head! It's so uncommon to see the undersides of jaws. I'm glad you like this one, too.

      I played a demo of MediEvil with a friend on PS1 back in the day. I had always wanted to know what happens next- maybe I should find of copy of the PSP remake. The character does seem to have the same sort of goofy looking face.

      While I myself am not particularly musically talented, I really do appreciate the complexity that can be found in the metal genre. Just like anything else, there's a lot of uninspired and generic music there. However, I feel that the skill required for good metal can make the composition that much more impressive and interesting. More often than not, it seems like people struggle with the vocals. There's a huge amount of instrumental music, if that's your hangup. Growling or screaming vocals have never really bothered me if they're done well. I've always just considered them another sonic element woven into the overall tapestry. If you're looking for some recommendations, I'd be happy to offer my opinions.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I'm here! I don't know anything about death metal but I know that song gives you chills and I like that you love it so much. I also like the guy wearing hearts. He's tender. And the HO HO HO HO HO is cheerful. You're cute.

    1. Hey, Kaitlin! How are you?

      You could learn about death metal. Some of it isn't horrible! Some of it is. I'm glad you like the Heart Shirt Guy. I'd like to model him in the coming month(s). He's definitely one of my first choices. The Ho's weren't supposed to be cheerful, more creepy, but one beautiful thing about art is that we all interpret it differently!

  3. Dreeds,
    These are some fearsome creatures! Do you see them in your mind when you listen to deathmetal? What creatures would you see if you listened to Brittany Spears?

    1. I'm seconding the vote for artwork done whilst listening to bubble-gum pop, or something similarly at the polar opposite on the musical spectrum!

      Perhaps we should have sketchbook pages labeled with the artist(s) to whom you were listening, and see what variance comes of the change; Spears, Taylor Swift, Hoku, Björk, Queensryche, The Classic Crime, Lacuna Coil, Daft Punk (not the Tron:Legacy soundtrack though, because they didn't really do that, so much as Hans Zimmer did it)... The possibilities are nearly endless!

    2. Believe it or not, 90's and early 00's pop is something I listen to regularly when doing art. Kaitlin can verify! Sometimes I'm just nostalgic for a simpler time and I just throw a Pandora station on that plays that stuff. It doesn't seem to make much of a difference content-wise. I'll keep trying and let y'all know. Maybe I'll keep better records of what I'm listening to!