Saturday, July 16, 2016

Progress on the Cutie

Progress on the work in progress. I hope to have him armed for the next update, and maybe textured. That would be excellent!

I did a one-hour study from this collection of photographs. I wish I had the line work, because I felt it was much more spot on, but apparently I closed the document without saving, so this is all you get.

Finally, I have some sketchbook stuff I didn't hate from this week. I've noticed that I have to slog through about an hour of warmup nonsense before I start doing stuff I like. I need to make the time to squeeze in more sketchbook, since I'm not going to finish this one by tomorrow. I'm not even halfway there!

Until next time.


  1. Your one hour study is SCAAAAAAARY! But your 3D demon has some sculpted quads. does he do Zumba? He looks very nice!

    1. Thanks! He was some guy wearing a mask at the renaissance faire. The demon has nice meaty legs because you pointed out that they looked weird. That's why they were repaired.