Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Studies from Figure Drawing

Hi. Today (Now yesterday) Kaitlin and I are going to a friend's wedding, so I took the day off. She'll be here to pick me up any minute, but I spent the morning scanning in some of the images from my figure drawing class. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed as I flipped through these. I remember doing some really killer stuff, but most of these weren't at all impressive.

Truthfully, I was also tired of scanning 5 images in the big (but not big enough) scanner here at school and then stitching them together. There's a few really nice gesture drawings I didn't upload and a couple other charcoal studies I didn't want to deal with. But whatever.

This was the final project. I did a pretty initial drawing and, in typical Zach fashion, ruined it when I tried to render it out. Probably my biggest frustration was the mess I made of her hand. I managed to salvage it to what you see here in the last 15 minutes, but this could have been the best drawing of my life. Maybe next time.

I love the poses with the chair. I noticed many of my classmates neglecting to use it, but it provides such a great measuring tool for getting things proportioned correctly.

For this last one, Perry had the model wear black articles of clothing and our job was to just draw them as though they were solid shapes. It was a fun exercise!

That's all I have for today. My sketchbook is still struggling, but my demon-building is going well. Expect more of that soonish!

Also? We didn't have a single male model all summer. Hopefully future figured classes amend this.


  1. YAY!YAY!YAY!YAY! The first one especially looks awesome!! Your use of shadow and light is wonderful and her shapes are fantastic. I'm impressed with her feet in particular. So great Zag Rag!

    1. Thanks! I'm sad that you don't get to see some of the best feet I drew. They never made it in! I'm glad you like how the first one turned out. I really need to figure out how to polish and finish a sketch. Frustrating!

  2. Well, polish is obviously the last point in the production, so I'd say that you're doing quite well.

    For the first image, I will very strongly echo Kaitlin's sentiments on the feet, but also add that the legs, in general, seem very balanced in their form - The anatomy is compellingly realistic (I've studied way too many bodies in medical and anatomical studies, as well as my art studies, in my long past).

    Also, while the first image is definitely the most finished, I absolutely love everything in the second, third, and fourth sketches especially, incomplete though they may be. They follow the same pattern of having believable anatomy, not just in exact form, but also in the right balance of relaxed and tense muscle groups. It's cool to see your skill being used in just a slightly different manner - You do figures constantly, but generally the musculature is exaggerated, or covered. This is an uncommon glimpse into your flexibility.

    Bravo, sir! Bravo!

    1. Thanks, Samuel. I'm glad you like the musculature. I need to figure out how to replicate that from my head! I think working from reference more would help me there.

    2. Look! it's me! Checking out your blog! I love these; I think my personal favorite of this set is the one where it's a view of the model from the back, while sitting in the chair. I'm a fan of the more simplistic ones, that's my style preference though. Great job though! I'm going to be a less crappy friend and check your blog more often!

    3. Hey, Abigail. Thanks for visiting! I like the look of the line drawings, but I feel like I have to get the rendering stuff down. I prefer drawings with lines too, though. You're not a bad friend! There's already enough nonsense to look at on the internet, don't feel stressed you don't see every inane post.