Wednesday, August 28, 2013


That's what it says!

Anyway, I had to run a ton of errands today. Buy stuff for the apartment, for art classes, etc. It was uncomfortable. There's a local art store and they offer a discount to students. I checked online and it said they opened at 10 AM. So I planned the rest of my errands around that and took care of the billion other things I had to do. I got to the store at 9:56, and they were closed. Fine. 
But I looked at the door and saw that it said "10ish". Someone had modified it sometime in the past. "Alright," I think, "I'll wait a few minutes."

At 10:20, I left because I was tired of standing there.
I will never go back. 

Anyway, today is a quick post because I have to go to work soon and I spent the morning running errands.

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