Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm moving soon...

Things are busy. These were the last items scanned before I boxed up my scanner.
School starts next week. 
And I missed the waitlist for the class I've been waiting for since before Summer started. What happened was this: 
I'd been checking my school e-mail address all the time watching for the notice that it was my turn. about a week and a half ago I saw that I was 7th in line. Since I was gonna get in real soon I checked every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Then, on Tuesday, I got to work early so I checked my e-mail before clocking in. I saw the typical spam from my school (HERES THE CALENDER NOBODY LOOKS AT, HERES PARKING INFO NOBODY LOOKS AT, NOBODY LOOKS AT THIS BLAH BLAH BLAH) but decided to scroll down to see if anything was buried under their spam. Lo and behold, I see a notification that I have 24 hours to accept the class before it's dropped. I missed the deadline by about 2 hours. BECAUSE IT WAS BURIED UNDER THEIR SPAM. So I put myself back on the waitlist. I should probably go check on that, now that I'm thinking about it

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