Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another Chaotic Week: Summer Goals Recap Week the Third (3rd)


This was a good week for me goal-wise. I read more of Steven King's book on writing and wrote a bunch of stuff about an Idea (with a capital I) that I've had in my brain for years. Wrote some plot, history, lore, all that good stuff. 
I also did some watercolor stuff this week, although I wasn't quite happy with the result. Argh.
Anyway, always room for improvement.

Today, my sister said, "You should draw Odin." So here you go. He has a long coat on, it looks like. You can also see the lines where I was trying to figure out how his hat works.

Mullet. No smoking


  1. I love Odin the wizard! Can he do magic? Does he know enchantments? Does he have a wizard's staff? Are you going to keel me? ;)

    1. Absolutely. He has a spear, Gungnir, which never misses its mark. He also sacrificed an eye and hung from Yggdrasil for nine days and nights to gain an understanding of magic, knowledge and runes. But he's not a wienie like Gandalf. He absolutely would not have fallen into the Mines of Moria.