Friday, May 23, 2014

Today was Friday. It is Friday.

Thumbs for the next homework assignment. Theme is "Universe." I'm gonna try not to do the first thing that comes to mind. I wanna be cool

Perspective + Figure = Foreshorten, and it's miserable. These next two I try to puzzle it out from my head. Mixed results ensue.

That central guy with the knife? I really want his left (our right) arm moved out to the right just a bit, it's pulled in too far and makes me ill. His right arm (our left) is all messed up as well, although the hand turned out fine.

Frustrated by my failure, I do some figure drawing (courtesy of Pixelovely for models). Why are there no feet drawn? Bad space management, really. I wasn't running away, just didn't budget out my real estate all that well.


  1. I love those sketches! Even if they don't have feet. & that guy with the machete reminds me of Clayton shaving.

    1. Clayton! I'm glad you like them.