Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weakness, Human Frailty: Summer Goals Recap Week the First (1st)

I failed on one of my summer goals this week. I haven't really done anything to work on telling a story in pictures. But I've done a lot of stuff from Drawing Marvel blah. And I made my mother a Mother's Day Card and used watercolor to add some phresh to it but alas, I cannot show you all: I sealed the card in the envelope, and my mother has gone a-camping this weekend and won't return until tomorrow afternoon. So I can't show you that until she opens it upon her arrival. But here's some stuff I did the other day that I failed to post. I'll have more tonight. I checked out this cool book from the library that has a zillion poses from a zillion angles so I can practice the dreaded perspective-based skill of the foreshorten and work on building bodies. It's nice

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