Monday, November 10, 2014


Today in my anatomy class we finally had a male model, which was a first for our class. It was a nice change of pace. I'll have to upload some of those figure studies when the semester is over.

I got my sketchbook back today! Here's what I drew in it:

This was also in here from last Monday, I don't think I got to upload it.


  1. Your bus people look so great! The girl's position is awesome and I love the detail in her backpack. She had no idea you were drawing her!! Makes me wonder what I would look like in someone's sketchbook if someone drew me when I thought no one was looking.

    The guy in the first picture looks like he's ready for take off! "Blow me to Bermuda!" He's wickedly cute. And I think the guy in the second to last picture looks like a menacing genie. I wouldn't ask him to grant me any wishes. Nice eyebrows, though.

    1. I was proud of the zipper on that girl's backpack, it's a really small detail but I really like how it turned out! And I know what you would look like if you didn't think anyone was looking at you: cute

      And yes! That first guy! He's so silly! I was pleased when he came out of the pencil.